International Networking

Vyrsodepseio/Tannery (artistic director Elli Papakonstantinou) plays a leading part at the International Networking of Greek Artists.

Creative Lenses 
develops Sustainable Business Models for Culture

Everyday millions of Europeans participate in culture in some way, either by creating something themselves or by listening to music, reading or visiting cultural events in many shapes and forms. At the same time, many cultural organisations and artists around Europe struggle to find new ways to survive and develop in times of changed and declining financing structures for culture but who are still at the service of their audiences. The question is how can cultural organisations survive and develop viable business models and financial sustainability without compromising their artistic integrity, mission and values? 
This is the reason why “Creative Lenses”, a unique cooperation project funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission, has been conceived. During 4 years, an exceptional partnership of 13 cultural centres, universities, city authorities, networks and cultural agencies will research and test new business and management models together with a wide range of cultural players throughout Europe. The legacy of the project will be the know-how, tools and support mechanisms required for the European arts and cultural sector to strengthen their business capacity and achieve financial sustainability, so that they are more able to successfully deliver their missions Creative Lenses is a large-scale cooperation project spanning 2015 to 2019 lead by the cultural centre Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki, Finland. 

The partners are: 
City of Lund, Sweden. IETM – network for contemporary performing arts.
Kosice2013  culture agency, Slovakia.
Manifatture Knos cultural centre in Lecce, Italy.
Olivearte cultural agency, UK.
P60 cultural centre in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.
Stanica cultural centre in Zilina, Slovakia.
Trans Europe Halles (TEH) network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists.
University of Arts London, UK
University of Basilicata in Matera, Italy.
Village Underground cultural centre in London, UK 
Vyrsodepseio cultural centre in Athens, Greece

The grant is €1.964.950. Out of 127 applications submitted to this large-scale cooperation strand of Creative Europe, only 16 were awarded. The project’s activities include 21 workshops, 2 conferences, 8 Forums, a 10-month ‘Catalyst’ programme for seven of the partners to test new business models, the publication of a book, a business models development toolkit, a digital benchmarking tool and new research on the sector’s specific needs and how they could be supported. 

The project is divided into the three phases: 

Survey, mapping, research, focus groups and interviews with stakeholders. Outcomes presented at 8 interactive Forums around Europe. 

Innovation of business models with 7 partners and their audiences followed by a conference to disseminate and share the results. 

Analyses of the results of the Catalyst programme, resulting in the production of publications, digital tools and training kits. 15 ‘training of the trainers’ workshops delivered in 15 European-wide cities to train cultural players to educate their peers. 
Dissemination of the project will also be delivered through online communication, a book, a media campaign and a closing project conference. 
It is hoped that the involvement of policy makers and stakeholders together with the dissemination of the project’s results, will have an impact on funding schemes and policy development at local, regional, national and European levels. 
Most importantly, Creative Lenses will contribute to a more sustainable, confident and effective cultural sector and the desired result is the building of capacity within society through cultural development into the future. 

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Vyrrsodepseio/Tannery is proud to be a full-member of the TEH (Trans Europe Halles) international Network.

Trans Europe Halles is a European network of independent cultural centres that brings together about 50 multidisciplinary cultural centres and20 friend organisations all around Europe. As a network, Trans Europe Halles provides a dynamic forum forideas, experiences and exchange, supporting its members and their communities. Trans Europe Halles facilitates and encourages artistic collaborations throughout Europe.


Hosting "IETM Athens Plennary 2013"

Vyrsodepseio /Tannery has been partnering organization and host for "IETM ATHENS PLENNARY 2013".
In October 2013,  Greek artistic scene was in the epicentre of the international interest at the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts. More than 500 programmers and artists from all around Europe met and got acquainted with  Greek contemporary Art. VYRSODEPSEIO presented some of the best dance and theatre productions of the year to our foreign guests.
"Greek Month of new writing in France"- Initiative «Ecrire et mettre en scène»
We are also proud to have curated and realised "Greek month of playwriting in France", co-organised with French institute, Panta Theatre, Maison Antoine Vitez (France). Greek theatre was at the epicenter of attention with the best of new playwriting presented to the French audience after a rehearsal period of one month with French actors and Greek directors. Respectively the French director GuyDelamotte , rehearsed and presented at Vyrsodepseio French play the presence of the author, SimonGrangeat.
International Art Residencies
The well known American artist Α. Phillips inaugurated a new plan for residents at Vyrsodepseio. Many more followed.
The Nordic Performing Arts Days
This past June, ODC Ensemble's Artistic Director Elli Papakonstantinou traveled to three cities in Denmark – Aarhus, Odense, and Copenhagen – to gather information about the current conditions of contemporary performance among a cross section of artists and organizations from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.
The event, curated and organized by Susanne Danig, director of The Nordic Performing Arts Days 14, ITI Denmark and its Nordic collaborators, produced an impressive array of workshops, conferences, and performances focusing on new communities, digitalization, globalization, theater in an economic and political world undergoing massive upheaval, and performance for young audiences.
Elli Papakonstantinou participated in workshops and discussions that explored such topics as: How can the big theatre institutions find a new social identity and develop a new language for communicating with new audiences? How can theaters co-produce or co-create in more open work practices? How can we make place for incubators and artist-run performance spaces?
Participation at second "Arab-Balkan platform for exchange" (Zagreb, 2014)

Artistic director Elli Papakonstantinou participated at the second "Arab-Balkan platform for exchange, which was organised  in Zagreb on 8th & 9th May 2014 by the Roberto Cimetta Fund entitled “Enlightening hidden passes: the reality of cultural mobilities between the Balkans, Europe and the Arab world”. The meeting was held at POGON, Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth with the participation of the Kultura Nova Foundation, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Zagreb.

Over 70 participants from 8 Arab countries (Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Syria, Morocco, Palestine,), 9 CEI countries (Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland) and from Irak, Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta took part. The major points of the programme were to allow everyone to present their opinions and practice relating to networking, exchange, models of cooperation, EU funding, advocacy and regional cooperation.
Vyrsodepseio is partnering organisation to the initiative AthenSYN. A new initiative to create a network for promoting Greek Art abroad.

This is the initiative of a group of artists, curators and cultural agents, building an infrastructure and a network to foster the presentation of Greek contemporary art internationally, with focus on the exchange between Greece and Germany.
Through the curation, organisation, and support of festivals, exhibitions, dance and theater performances of Greek contemporary art, we want to facilitate a wider understanding and knowledge of Greek contemporary art abroad and intensify the network with international partners. Our focus is especially on new developments in theater, dance, performance art, visual art, video art, digital art and mixed forms.
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Crossborder engagement and cultural co-operation
Catalan artists visiting  Greek artists

Vyrsodepseio, a cultural space dedicated to contemporary art, together withAntic Teatre, reference point for cutting edge performance arts in Barcelona and multidisciplinary resource centre devoted to the search for and the creation, production and dissemination of visual and performing arts, are working together as part of the programme cav_a, Catalan artists visiting Greek artists. This will consist of two performances by Catalan artist Pere Faura at Vyrsodepseio and other activities such as meetings with Greek artists and post-performance artist-audience discussions, to take place December 18th and 19th. The second part of the exchange will be held at Antic Teatre in February 2015.
We are working hard for this collaboration to be the first of a series of bilateral exchanges between artists associated with our two centres.Antic Teatre and Vyrsodepseio are both members of the European network of independent cultural centres, Trans Europe Halles (TEH), and together they are developing an artist exchange programme based on research and innovation in performance expression.

This cav_a program is organized by Antic Teatre and Vyrsodepseio, and receives the collaboration of Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council), Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat (Department of Culture of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia and Trans Europe Halles.
This program consists of two performances by Pere Faura at Vyrsodepseio in 19th of December followed by Greek performance  "Debtocracy" in Barcelona in February 2015.